When your property needs a solid foundation, call Protech.

Ensuring Safety & Quality

If your home has been damaged by fire, water, high winds, or any other environmental factor there could be more that needs repairing than the obvious, visible problems. Damage from fire, water, smoke, earthquakes, asbestos, and other environmental factors often requires more than just a fresh coat of paint. Reconstruction is often necessary in order to bring your home or commercial building back up to code, ensuring the safety of all those who use it.

Construction standards are now governed by strict regulations and quality controls, but this wasn’t always the case. In the past, many contractors and construction companies have cut corners, which often resulted in a cooked building, mold build up, poorly repaired fire damage, water damage, and leaky pipes—among other issues. At Protech Construction, whether we’re working on a new project or a reconstruction, we inspect every corner—we don’t cut them.

We Find The Source Of The Problem

If your home or commercial building has experienced a bad weather occurrence or some other tragedy that has caused serious damage, it’s important to call an experienced and professional reconstruction company like Protech Construction. We’ll identify the source of your problem and help you fix it properly before it gets worse. Protech has the knowledge and experience necessary to diagnose the true root of your mold issues, water leaks, structural and foundational issues and more. Following our expert analysis, we can provide you with an estimate and repair recommendations.

Protech reconstruction specialists are able to correct any superficial or structural defects like fire damage, asbestos exposure, cracks in your home’s foundation, water damage, and toxic mold that can make your home unsafe. In some cases, moving quickly to begin repairs is essential to the stability and functionality of your building. This is why Protech contractors are always ready to start a new reconstruction project.

Insurance Experts

Protech Construction is an insurance repair and restoration specialist that has the knowledge and experience to work directly with your insurer to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Through years of experience working with insurance providers, Protech has developed a unique protocol and list of tasks that correspond directly with the requirements of insurance companies and field adjusters. This organization of tasks ensures all timelines are met, and that proper correspondence and documentation is made with your insurance provider.

Call The Pros At Protech

While there are quite a few home repairs and small renovations that homeowners can handle themselves, addressing mold, framing, painting, shingling, and dry-walling should be left to the experts at Protech. There is a lot of important information to consider surrounding the process of repairing even the most superficial and structural problems with a residential or commercial building. Protech has great relationships with local construction agents and officials, who have to approve building and repair permits before any construction work can begin. These permits are necessary in order to move forward with any kind of construction on your property.

In addition to the knowledge and experience of Protech contractors, many insurance claims and warranties will not be honored if your repairs aren’t done by a certified professional. With over 30 years of experience, Protech experts have been through it all when it comes to internal and external repairs to your home. We’ve worked with home and business owners in every imaginable scenario concerning structural repairs, which is why it’s easy for us to know where to safely begin and work through a project.

Talk To Your Insurer

Prior to having any work done on your property, it’s important to talk to your insurance company, go through your policy, and if necessary seek legal counsel. From our experience, when it comes to structural repair projects it’s a good idea to have all your bases covered before any work begins. Our rebuilding process consists of the following:

  • An initial building inspection to document the scope of repairs, assess the damage, and estimate the cost of repairs.
  • Our building code specialists determine the cause of damage through inspecting your building for structural design flaws, building code violations, and any other issues.
  • Our construction managers provide detailed reports, litigation support, and expert witness testimony when necessary.
  • We consult with insurance adjusters to help them understand the damages, risks, and claims prior to and after the project.
  • We factor in the costs of adhering to building codes when dealing with earthquake-proofing, sustainable energy, and other specific requirements.
  • We work with your insurance adjuster on your behalf to provide you with repair costs and coverage estimates.
  • At this point, we’ll provide all the construction details and timelines.
  • We assist you with all paperwork and the permits, including anything necessary for insurance companies, mortgage companies, and municipalities.
  • We work with you to finalize the details, including finishes, flooring, fixtures, etc.