Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire is one of the most devastating crises there is. Protech will help to put your pieces back together.

Fire damage is all about immediacy. With every minute, the fire will be gaining momentum and be more difficult to contain and prevent further loss of structures. Once the fire is extinguished, there are considerable smoke residuals that are harmful if congested. Protech specializes in removing smoke damage that can pose a constant threat to your health.

Often times the process of ruin from fire and smoke damage occurs in steps. First, the ashes will begin to discolor surfaces, especially plastics, fiberglass, finishes on appliances and metals. After several days, the ash will cause the walls, clothing, and upholstery to discolor. Wood, vinyl, and metal corrosion will need to be replaced or refinished. Soon after, carpets will permanently discolor and you may begin to see the permanent etching on glass. Odors aren’t only unpleasant but are a mix of plastics, varnishes, and chemicals that are toxic and harmful to your lungs.

The remnants of ash must be treated with caution. Ash spreads easily, and if it reaches other areas, then there may need to be complete restoration or replacement. Protech will call an independent third-party environmental consultant who can take samples that will be tested in a lab to identify smoke and soot particulates. This will help us in determining what can and cannot be salvaged. Eventually, experts will locate the source of odors, treat it until the odor is neutralized, and seal it to prevent further dissemination. It is always best to call a professional like Protech to restore your structure from fire and smoke damage. We will consider your utmost safety during an intricate process of removing any residuals of damage.

Since damage increases the longer fire-damaged structures stay without treatment, professional restoration technicians must be called to the scene right away. By prolonging the restoration of your home, you are inadvertently exacerbating the deterioration of your home and its interiors. The smoke and odor lingers longer and is more difficult to ward off as time passes.

After a fire has been extinguished and the smoke and soot damage is what remains, the procedure for fire restoration would be:

  • Clean up as much of the existing areas as possible
  • Clean floor to ceiling and vacuum all floors and upholstery
  • Wash items that can be laundered
  • Clean outside with a pressure washer
  • Residue and smoky odors need to be removed immediately
  • Remove the sources of odors and rid of any lingering odor
  • Finally, seal items to be saved and encapsulate them to avoid further damage or contamination.

Calling a fire restoration company like Protech will save you money down the road since we will be able to quickly apply the appropriate fire damage procedures, thus saving you money on repairs.
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