Protech can restore your belongings after a fire, water, or other property emergency.

We understand how devastating it is when your property is destroyed by fire, water, smoke, soot, and other harmful toxins. That’s why we take your sense of loss very seriously and do our best to address the items that are salvageable first. We treat items such as furniture and sentimental objects of great value to you with the utmost care. Our team will examine every damaged piece and decide the best possible way to recondition them. We provide the following services:

  • Emergency onsite cleaning throughout the property
  • Sort items needing specialized service to another area
  • Perform a complete restoration if necessary, or “pack out” all your items to a specialized facility for disinfection
  • Provide a full photo inventory of all your items if necessary
  • Create content tracking so that we can identify the status of the item
  • Thoroughly clean, deodorize, inspect, repack and store items that will be returned to the property

Protech will help relieve your stress by working directly with your insurance adjuster to itemize your belongings. Among the belongings that we restore are artwork, such as paintings and statues, garments, rugs, tapestries, furniture, antiques, pianos, electronics, machinery, appliances, and other salvageable items. We also try to restore your important documents like photos, legal briefs, medical files, and official certificates.

We know how important your valuables are to you, so we make all the effort to completely restore them. You can trust Protech to restore your valuables with care and concern.