Certified Mold Remediation

Our technicians are certified to rid your home or office of mold

The idea of mold in your home is quite disturbing. When you actually see the mold on your walls, you are disheartened by its musky, green presence. You know you need to treat this immediately. It will require a mold remediation company like Protech to handle this toxin with the recommended safety precautions.

If you do not stop the mold spread, it can do incredible damage to your property. By active, early treatment, you can avoid the dangers of mold. Those who inhale mold spores will experience deteriorating health until the mold is gone.

The spread of mold spores can severely compromise one’s health. Mold allergy may develop with watery and itchy eyes. You may incur a chronic cough, headaches or migraines, have difficulty breathing, sinus and nasal blocking, frequent sneezing, develop rashes or experience heavy fatigue.

Before you develop any respiratory illnesses, contact Protech to effectively treat mold contamination. All our mold technicians are certified to complete repairs.

Mold remediation involves avoiding exposure to occupants and preventing the spread of mold growth. Protech provides a step-by-step procedure as indicated below:

  • Repair the water intrusion or leak
    Isolate the contaminated area. Close all doors and windows of the rooms with mold contamination
  • Seal all other openings and seams with duct tape
  • Suppress the dust by misting the contaminated areas
  • Remove all mold damaged and porous contents
  • Discard all wet and moldy materials in a plastic bag, double bag it, tie it closed and dispose of it
  • Clean all materials and wood surfaces that have mold
  • Disinfect affected areas, vacuum with a HEPA vacuum
  • Use dehumidifiers to speed up the drying process of cleaned materials
  • Replace materials or repair items that were moved from the affected areas

Contact Protech today for immediate service before your property and health become jeopardized.