Whether it is commercial construction or home remodeling, it is important to be aware of some common pitfalls.  First is the actual design of the construction or remodel.  There have been numerous contention about design issues such as bath drawers hitting walls.  By hiring a professional construction contractor, you are most likely to have a home to its exact specifications that all parties have agreed upon.  Many times there is a serious design flaw because a do-it-yourselfer or an amateur architect wants to try it out.  Do not seek these types of individuals.  Professional construction contractors have many years of training and experience to handle issues that arise and complete the project to your final satisfaction.


Another mistake is to not register for permits on the reconstruction or remodeling of your home.  By following the necessary protocols to obtain a permit, the City can approve of regulations and codes that pertain to the construction of the structure.  Building inspectors will examine the work during the process, and see if the paperwork is in order. Keep in mind that most reputable contractors will not work on a construction project without proper permits because they can be fined (which goes to the client).


Another disadvantage is that when selling your home, some buyers may ask if there were permits and a general contractor prior to purchasing the home, and if not, they are likely to pass on the home.


Protech Construction has experience in the entire process from design to finish through proper protocols of obtaining permits and building inspector approvals, and especially, your final approval.  Flawless, attention to detail – is what we strive for in the construction or remodeling of your property.