Dear Mr. Paglia,
I want to acknowledge the great service my wife and I received from the Project Manager and all the workers he has organized for our restoration. We experienced a fire in our attached garage on June 23. This fire destroyed or damaged most of our contents and of the garage including our two cars, garage door, hot water heater and furnace. All the drywall had to be replaced.

The Project Manger has been responsive and on the spot with the right services just as we needed them. This included putting in a temporary electric water heater so we could live in our home during the repairs. Early in the process I would think about something I needed to tell him and either he would show up moments later at our door or would be on the telephone about the next level of work he was arranging. All the work has been done professionally, courteously and to our satisfaction.

Going through a fire as we did taught us how valuable having a good insurance company that work with good people is to have on our side. Allstate with all their people literally descended on our home and brought us out of a difficult situation. Thank you for your help in getting our home back in order and our lives back on track.