Dear Mr. Paglia,
Unfortunately, in every homeowner’s life, there occasionally occurs a serious problem that requires the help of contractors like yourself that specialize in fire and water damage restoration. I have had the misfortune of having two or three problems in the past that have required help from companies like yours. I can state unequivocally that you are the finest representative that I have dealt with during these experiences. Your clean, presentable, professional appearance and demeanor immediately gave me confidence that you lengthy background in the construction industry and a glimpse into your personal life added to my confidence in your abilities. The insurer of our home Fireman’s Fund, obviously also has confidence and trust in you by utilizing your firm as their major contractor in this area.

I am now retired, but in my career I have met, dealt with and interviewed many hundreds of people, so I feel I am a pretty good judge of character. One of the most important things for a homeowner with damage problem is to have it corrected as quickly as possible! Your subsequent six page proposal for the repair and restoration of my two bathrooms, damage by flooding that you faxed to me in a timely manner was extremely thorough, accurate and reasonable in my estimation. Over the course of my career, we built owned the majority of all our locations and I understand costs and labor involved in construction work.

I look forward to working with you in any capacity in my restoration work as I know as a homeowner that if I have any future problems with my home that requires prompt attention to construction restoration work, that you will be the first one I call.