Anne Garden

Dear Vince,
May I take this time to express my deepest gratitude for what was accomplished from the water damage to my home.

The manner in which you and your company successfully completed all the work that needed to be done was outstanding.

I was so pleased to have such professional, courteous and sincerest people working so hard to get the job done. I was to express my gratitude to the project manager John, who was so helpful in going beyond his job description in helping me make decisions. No matter ho often I called him or what time, he answered his phone which gave me courage in knowing that he was there to help. He totally is an asset to your company.

I would also like to commend the work crew that John used. Each and every one did a great job in making my house livable. I would highly recommend your company to anyone who asked who did the work on my house.

May I again say, thank you to all who had a part in working on my project, making it such a tremendous success.